About Logan McLellan

Early Life

Logan was born and raised in Summerside, Prince Edward Island (PEI), which allowed him to create close bonds with his friends, family and the community as a whole. When he was younger, Logan could be found participating in various neighborhood and community events, as well as participating on many sports teams.

Working Life

After graduating from Three Oaks Senior High School (Summerside) in 2011, Logan made the decision to build his career in the financial industry, where he has now been working for the past seven years. Logan has held various positions throughout his career: currently, he is an entrepreneur in the finance field, with his main focus being on pension management. He holds several provincial licenses in finance, which makes him well-versed and well-educated in the finance industry.

During his time in finance, he pioneered his way into social media, being one of the first in Canada to build a significant portfolio of clients using this methodology. Through this unique way of attracting clients, Logan has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and several local news outlets. He has also been featured on ABC News and Good Morning America.

Community Life

Logan also continues to give back to his community, and has most notably been filmed around the holiday season helping those in need, Logan, along with his co-workers founded a giveback project that has given back thousands of dollars to the community of Egmont, the community he cares deeply about. 

"My goal is to work closely with the communities in the Egmont district, and build capacity and opportunities that have not been explored in the area. It is time to work together, in order to put us back on the political map” – Logan McLellan